Epi-C is an app for smartphones that provides a monitoring solution for disabled, elderly people or children with special needs. The app has two main modules:

  1. The first part is a fall detection module, which utilizes an accelerometer and gyroscope present in virtually all new phones being produced worldwide; the patient simply places the phone in their pocket. A custom made algorithm constantly monitors the phones sensors to ascertain the current state of a person about fifty times a second. As soon as a fall is detected, the phone not only sounds an on-spot alarm but also sends a message to predefined people (guardians or emergency services) with the victim’s GPS co-ordinates so help can arrive as soon as possible.
  1. The second part is an EEG module which constantly monitors the patient’s brainwave data, the EEG being used is a portable EEG device which can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth, the phone then constantly records the brain signals, the brainwave data is stored in the phone and can then later be uploaded at the press of a button to online cloud storage facilities, from where it is shared with doctors and researchers, and is of great practical importance in researching neurological disorders.


A research paper on the fall detection part was presented at the ASEE 2014 Zone 1 Conference at the University of  Bridgeport, CT USA. You can download a pdf of the paper here. A poster was also presented at the 2nd Annual Computational Science Conference, 20-25th October 2013, IIUI Islamabad. You can download the poster here.

Project Resources


Click here to view a short prezi presentation that gives a brief overview of the project. A detailed video we made for Microsoft’s ImagineCup competition

Additional Resources

Click here for additional project resources including a poster, and  a software design report.