Other Projects

Inverted Pendulum Control
PID Control of an inverted pendulum using MATLAB. See video below:

A detailed project report is available here.


Visual Rubik’s Cube Solver

Coded in C++ (Solver logic) and C#(emguCV, image processing part). I don’t actually know how to solve a cube in real life, so why not make a computer do it, the algorithm I used isn’t the most efficient one, but it works:

Line Tracking Robot

The “Bacha 3.0” a nimble little line-following robot we made for the IEEE’s National Robothon (First place):

Fractal Explorer

A small C# program that generates mandelbrot/julia fractals. You can find a few of the images here.
The SAP (Simple As Possible) Computer

A bread boarded prototype of a fun basic computer as described in this booklet.